The Gro Grease
The Gro Grease
The Gro Grease

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Historical Formula

Exceptional Growth

Healthy Scalp

We created Gro Grease as a tribute to trailblazing Black American entrepreneur Madam C. J. Walker. Our sulfur-centered formula is based on her first and flagship product.

Mineral sulfur has been shown to increase the anagen phase of hair growth, encouraging prolonged cell division and sustained growth.

Infused with sulfur and botanical oils to create the ideal scalp treatment to address dryness, itchiness, and other common scalp concerns with soothing, balancing efficacy.

We have answers!


Our founder and CEO Janell Stephens and Madam C. J. Walker have a lot in common, including a dedication to fact-based hair formulas that really work. Join in the tradition and learn more about Camille Rose Gro Grease with this mini-FAQ.

Why is sulfur beneficial for hair?

In addition to possible benefits related to an increased anagen growth phase, sulfur is a key component in both keratin and amino acids—essential nutrients the body uses to support hair health and stronger hair while preventing thinning hair or hair loss. Hair proteins and follicles alike benefit from an abundance of available sulfur, contributing to a healthy scalp.

Does Camille Rose Gro Grease contain phthalates, sulfates, or parabens?

Definitely not. Camille Rose products never contain harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulfates, or parabens. In fact, our CEO, Janell Stephens, started Camille Rose to directly address a lack of conscious, clean hair care products on the market.

Is Camille Rose Gro Grease safe to use on my hair type/texture/porosity?

Applied to the scalp and edges, Gro Grease can be used on all different hair types, textures, and porosities, from fine hair to thick, curly hair. We use gentle, safe ingredients as a rule, but if you experience allergies or sensitivities, it’s always best to patch-test products before adding them to your hair care routine.