Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanse
Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanse
Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanse

Why you'll love it

Strengthen While You Cleanse

Restore Shine and Slip

Soothe and Invigorate Your Scalp

Vitamin-rich black castor oil and chebe coat hair with protection from root to tip, sealing split ends, encouraging healthy growth, and reversing breakage.

A shampoo cleanser that won’t strip your strands! Enjoy enhanced shine and silky touches with restorative black castor oil for damaged hair.

Anti-inflammatory plant-based ingredients allow you to soothe and revitalize a sore or itchy scalp while you cleanse.

We have answers!


Want to learn more about our Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanser and Camille Rose shampoo cleanser products in general? We’ve got you—check out our answers to these frequently asked questions.

Does Camille Rose Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanse have unnecessary chemicals?

All Camille Rose formulas are cruelty-free, plant-based, and made with only clean and safe ingredients.

Can I safely combine Camille Rose Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanse with other products?

You certainly can. Every Camille Rose hair product is made for mixing and matching, so our customers can create a hair care routine that’s unique to them. No matter the texture, no matter the type, no matter the porosity, we have sensational solutions for every hair type. The best part? We only use clean, consciously-chosen ingredients that are good for your hair growth and health, so you can combine and experiment without worry.

What is chebe and why is it good for hair?

Chebe powder is chiefly derived from the seeds of the chebe plant, and has been used as a remedy and cosmetic in African communities for hundreds of years. It has been shown to seal split ends, strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and encourage longer and stronger new hair growth, particularly when used in combination with protective styles. Discover our chebe and pure black castor oil for hair with similar benefits.