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Sundae Glaze

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Healthy and Strong

Tangle-free and Shiny

Clean and Fruity

Vitamin-packed sunflower oil and fatty acid-rich castor oil nourish every strand so kids can feel confident with longer, stronger, and healthier hair.

Use it as a leave-in or wash it out—no matter your preference, Sundae Glaze delivers deep moisture and gentle, effective conditioning for tear-free styling with a shiny finish.

Lightweight, garden-inspired ingredients like orange peel leave hair smelling fresh and fruity, and will never weigh it down with greasy buildup.

We have answers!


Taking care of kids’ hair can be drastically different from adult hair, but the value of a great detangling conditioner remains the same. Kids Sundae Glaze is the perfect product to moisturize, condition, detangle, and nourish kids’ hair with its clean, conscious, formula. Learn more about it with this dedicated mini-FAQ

Is Kids Sundae Glaze Mandarin Leave-In Conditioner safe for toddlers and babies?

Yes! All Camille Rose products are made using gentle, garden-inspired ingredients, and our Kids line is no exception. In fact, our CEO, Janell Stephens, founded Camille Rose because she wanted safer, higher-quality hair care products for her own children. We follow her vision with pride and never use harsh ingredients like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates in our products. 

That being said, allergies and sensitivities to plant extracts and oils do exist. Even with consciously crafted, plant-based formulas, it’s always a good idea to perform a patch test before fully incorporating a new product into your child’s hair care routine.

Is Kids Sundae Glaze Mandarin Leave-In Conditioner formulated for a specific natural hair type/texture/porosity?

Our Kids Sundae Glaze is a fantastic moisturizing conditioner for any natural hair type. We intentionally formulated this product to be gentle, effective, and versatile, so you can care for all the little ones in your household with a single purchase. 

If you’re looking for extra nourishment, shop our kids hair oil to help promote healthy hair growth.

What sorts of styles can I create for my child’s hair using Kids Sundae Glaze Mandarin Leave-In Conditioner?

You can use our Kids Sundae Glaze as a washout conditioner or as a leave-in conditioner—it’s the ideal base moisturizer for all sorts of styles, from natural curls to protective braids. 

If you’re looking for additional hold, check out our Kids Sweet Puddin Mandarin Hair Buttercream.