Straight Out of Plants

It’s simple. Our beauty experts blend gourmet food – grade ingredients in our recipes straight out of Mother Nature’s garden. Our newest trio of 100 percent vegan infused cleansing milks ease wash day by extracting the best botanicals straight out of some of the most powerful plants to solve your hair specific needs.


The Challenge
You want defined, frizz-less curls, instead you get poofy and tangled hair that’s impossible to tame, leading to frustration.

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The Challenge
You want hair that’s buttery soft, instead you get knots, volume-less flat and dull hair.

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The Challenge
You want to show off your hair growth, instead shrinkage and breakage cause major problems!

Shop Now: Target, CVS and Meijer

Let's Talk Cleansing Milks with CEO and Master Mistress - Janell Stephens

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