Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment
Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment
Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment

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Radically Renewed

Stunningly Softened

Noticeably Nourished

Buriti fruit oil contains a wealth of anti-inflammatory, humectant omega fatty acids that can smooth cuticles, stimulate natural hair growth, and eliminate frizz.

Aloe and cocoa butter lend their emollient, conditioning powers to create hair that’s shiny, smooth, and touchably soft.

Cholesterol hair treatment replenishes vital hair lipids lost through hair color treatments and heat styling to improve hair’s structure, elasticity, and moisture retention.

We have answers!


Do you often feel like you’re lost in an endless scroll, seeking solutions for tired, damaged hair? Free yourself with help from Camille Rose and this dedicated FAQ all about our deeply restorative Buriti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment.

Why is cholesterol reparative for dry and/or damaged hair?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance—a lipid, made up of fatty acids—that’s naturally produced by the body. Most importantly, it plays a vital role in hair health by maintaining the moisture layer and smoothing hair cuticles. 

When we accidentally cause harm to our hair with heat, products, or environmental factors out of our control, we interfere with the lipids in our hair, causing frizz, split ends, and breakages.

Using cholesterol hair treatments introduce exterior cholesterol to dry or damaged hair that’s been stripped of vital fatty acids. The lipids in the cholesterol treatments adhere to the hair strands and repair structural damage, filling in gaps with humectant, sealing, and protective fatty acids. 

Put simply, a cholesterol hair conditioning cream can help repair over-processed hair, deliver deep, lasting moisture, and leave hair softer, shinier, and healthier, too!

Does Buriti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment contain any harsh or hazardous chemicals?

No. All Camille Rose products are clean, conscious, safe, and gentle to promote natural hair growth. We never use hard or harmful chemicals in our formulas.

Can I use Buriti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment alongside other products?

Yes! Camille Rose products for natural hair are clean and gentle, so they always play well together. We recommend pairing our Buriti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment with our Buriti Nectar Repair Hair Oil for extra moisture-sealing power.