The Best Holiday Gifts for any Naturalista

The Best Holiday Gifts for any Naturalista
Happy Holidays, Rosettes!

Can you believe it’s already that time of the year? Did anyone else notice that Fall 2019 lasted a whole two days, and the winter weather instantly kicked in? It’s cold! We’re bundled up at the Camille Rose Kitchen singing holiday carols and stretching for Thanksgiving dinner! We’ve also got lots of gifts on our minds. We came up with 7 UH-MAY-ZING must-haves that should be on every naturalista’s wish list – whether giving or receiving! These gifts are great for keeping your hair fresh and keeping your peace of mind maintained. Check out our top picks to add them to your favorites:

Bobby pins are in!
We didn’t see this super cute trend coming, but we love it. A cute addition to your wardrobe are decorative bobby pins that will spice your hairstyle up. You can add simple pins for a pop of color or go totally glam for your office holiday party with crystal pens. Whichever you choose, get excited because they are an affordable way to take any style to the next level. We love this pearl and single crystal bobby pin three-pack to make a cute sweater combo. 

Wipe Warmers for Makeup Removal? Oh wow. 
Wet wipe (or any wipe) warmers aren’t just for babies! Keep your makeup removers toasty with a wipe warmer - nothing is better than removing your makeup with a warm towel right before bed. The warmth will also help any makeup or residue slide off your face much easier. 

Curly Clip-Ins
While big hair is always in season, we love a good curly ‘fro during the winter months for style and for added warmth on the back of our necks! If you’re looking to give your hair a break, a great protective style can be created using curly clip-ins. They’re easier to manage than pressed or straight hair, they can
be installed right at home. They can also give your hair a break from the cold, frigid air. There are a ton of curly clip-in options on Amazon, starting here

Relax with Cocoa Mélange
The Camille Rose Cocoa Mélange Gift Set is a on our list ever year! Not only does each product have the smell of the season (warm, hot coca – yum!), they’re packed with essential fatty acids, Rosehip oil and aloe to combat the cold or snow storm coming your way.

A Humidifier
Humidifiers are great for natural hair because they promote moisture, which is perfect for a time when hair can get very dry. We recommend an ultrasonic humidifier, which can control humidity while adding
a cool mist. 

You can never go wrong with a fresh, clean face using garden-inspired ingredients. The FACE Skincare Recipe Box Set will help your face stay hydrated and glowing, and ready for any holiday soiree. 

Shea Butter, Baby 
Shea Butter is just the ultimate gift to give or get, because it benefits your body from head to toe. Whether it’s seeping into your skin or moisturizing your hair, you can’t go wrong with this oil, whatever season it may be. Shea Butter is packed with vitamins A and E, is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and prevents hair breakage. Want a simple gift of love? Share some Shea butter!

What do you think about our favorite gifts for the holidays? Share your comments with us on IG: @camillerosenaturals

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