Skin is in: Tips on Skin Health With Jalia Pittis

Skin is in: Tips on Skin Health With Jalia Pittis
Hey, Rosettes! We’re about a week into springing forward, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the weather change. With any new season, it can be challenging to keep your skin in tip-top shape due to the elements the weather introduces. But never fear! We interviewed Phoenix-based freelance makeup artist Jalia Pitts to get her advice on creating and maintaining a healthy skin glow.

Jalia brings over 10 years of experience in the makeup industry and has received a number of honorable awards issued through the Professional Beauty Association. Jalia is a knowledgeable skin expert and a licensed esthetician with some of the best tips to incorporate!

Camille's Corner: How were you introduced to skin health?
JP: I have always had a desire to work on skin. As an adolescent, I did not know what a dermatologist or esthetician was, but I knew that whenever my family had a pimple, I was the first one they would come to. It wasn’t until adulthood that I took the time to educate myself within the beauty industry. I have 13years total in the industry, with five as a licensed professional, and three as an educator. It is important to me to continue to learn and grow within the industry in order to better inform my clients, colleagues and consumers.

Camille's Corner: When it comes to skin, what are the top essential tips that you can offer?
JP: First – please consult a professional! There is an influx of video tutorials online of everyday people showing you what they do, and it is based on opinion. Secondly, see an esthetician for monthly facials. We make the time to get our hair and nails done but forget about the largest organ on our body…our skin! Third, don’t pick at your skin. Although this is hard, it can cause damage.

Camille's Corner: What are most people getting wrong about their skin care routine?
JP: When it comes to skincare, you cannot build a regimen based on what someone else is doing. What works for one person may not work for the next so don’t be quick to fall for trends. Skincare is not one size fits all; you need a targeted treatment based on your skin type, texture and tone. Additionally, I find that sometimes people get frustrated when they start using a new product and don’t see immediate results, so they discontinue prematurely. It takes 30-45 days for the skin to acclimate to a new product so give it time and be consistent with the regimen.

Camille's Corner: What is your daily skin care routine?
JP: My daily skincare regimen starts in the morning and concludes in the evening. In the morning I cleanse, tone, moisturize and as needed, I use sunscreen. In the evening, I cleanse, and every two days I exfoliate. I also tone, add serums, eye creams and a heavier moisturizer. The reason more products are incorporated in the evening is because the skin is at rest which allows for deeper penetration of products.

Camille's Corner: What are some of your favorite CR skin and body products, and why?
JP: FACE’s Fresh Tone Liquid Makeup Remover + Toner, and Powdered Coconut Whipped Buttercream are my favorite Camille Rose products. I like the toner because it is a makeup remover and also balances the skin and removes oil and makeup. In the climate that I live the whipped buttercream is great for dry skin, and has an amazing fragrance.

Camille's Corner: What are some simple skin hacks that women on the go can do for smoother, softer and more youthful glows?

JP: A few things women can do to improve their skin are:
1) Drink more water - we keep hearing it, but it helps flush the toxins out of our bodies.
2) Get rest – yes, sleep will help your skin. When your body is at rest your cell turnover is increasing, rebuilding collagen and repairing damage from the sun.
3) Keep your toner in the fridge – during the summer months it is refreshing after a hot day. You can also spray a fine mist over your face after a workout while your pores are open. It helps to regulate your pH balance.

More about Jalia Pitts:

In addition to her full-time work as an esthetician, Jalia founded and runs 3jayproductions, a lifestyle, beauty, and branding organization that can assist clients with taking their businesses to the next level. In her personal life, Jalia is a loving mother of three. Her mantra is simple – faith, passion, and perseverance. To find out more about Jalia, visit her on IG at @jaliadp.

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