Invest In Your Linen: You'll Thank Us Later

Invest In Your Linen: You'll Thank Us Later
Is there anything more luxurious than sleep? We think not. Get the most out of your night’s rest with linens that are designed with you in mind. With thrilling thread counts and easy aesthetics, these five top-tier brands will let you lay your head down in luxury.

Sijo began with the mission of providing comfortable yet sustainable linens that adapt to your body and surroundings to provide an excellent night’s sleep.

Their latest, the CLIMA Collection is a range of temperature-regulating products that warms you up when you’re cold, and cools you off when you’re too toasty. The CLIMA range also features sweat-wicking fibers to keep you dry if you tend to sweat during the night. Did we mention these linens are hypo-allergenic and environment-friendly? It’s a win all around.

The Sheet Society
The Sheet Society’s linens are designed specifically to change the way you sleep for the better. Quilt covers are designed with invisible zippers that keep everything in place, deep sides and ribbed elastic ensure your fitted sheets actually fit — and those are just a couple of the carefully curated aspects of climbing in bed with the Sheet Society. From the checkerboard-inspired Poppy Tufted collection to the 100% cotton-weave Lola Bouclé collection, the Sheet Society’s got an aesthetic to match all tastes.

The Citizenry
Founded with the mission to celebrate personal spaces and the journeys we take in life, the Citizenry brand is dedicated to home goods with a heart. Collaborating with artisans all over the world, the Citizenry combines modern style with traditional technique to provide hand-crafted, hand-numbered and limited edition small batch linens that add an incomparable personal touch to your home. We love the Stonewashed Linen Bed Bundle - Ember Series - elegantly earthy and made from genuine French flax, this set is a dream in itself.

What sets Frette apart? It’s all in what they like to call the three F’s - “fibre, finish and feel.” This bedding brand prides itself on having the best of all three, having a history of being the choice of over 500 royal families, and more recently, over 1,000 high-end hotels around the world. Rendered in Monza and Milan, Frette is known and loved for it’s inimitable quality and timeless design. Bring the luxury home with the Hotel Classic line, featuring crisp, classic design on durable and indulgent cotton percale.

Peacock Alley
Named for the Waldorf-Astoria’s beloved meeting hall, Peacock Alley was created with the mission of creating memorable linens that last a lifetime. Peacock Alley’s Soprano sheets have earned a name for themselves for their unbelievably soft feel and their impeccable quality that lasts for years. If traditional style is your thing, get back to basics with this brand that’s been credited for stoking the luxury linen market in America - you won’t be disappointed.

Getting a great night’s rest has a lot to do with linens. Step up your sleep game with linens you love and watch the results!

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