Extend Hot Girl Summer with These 4 Quick Winter Getaways

Extend Hot Girl Summer with These 4 Quick Winter Getaways

We’ve all been there…stuck in the middle of Winter, with cold air and cloudy skies, and sick of the snow. As we prepare for the holidays to come and go, we’re quickly reminded of the dreary season as we de-frost and de-snow our vehicles first thing in the morning, or layer on sweaters, jackets, and scarves to avoid getting frost bitten. Baby, it’s cold outside.

What if you could get away and re-live the summer before the year is over? To add some warmth to your current situation, we created our list of our top 4 winter destinations to keep your Hot Girl Summer flowing through the end of the year. Don’t have the time or funds to travel before the New Year? Don’t worry – a quick trip in January will suffice! Check out our list below and start creating your travel plans today.

Miami, Florida
Miami is perfect for a quick getaway, right here in the U.S. South Beach and the weather tends to maintain their warm through the Winter, providing a perfect scene for sunbathing. The nightlife consists of more than just clubs, with Wynwood becoming a popular area for art, restaurants, and fun bars to hang out at. If you really want to do it big, stay for New Years Eve with you friends and hangout on a party boat or cruise for the evening.

Turks & Caicos
There’s no better way to spend a quick baecation than on a turquoise beach with tropical weather. Turks & Caicos is an awesome destination with warm December temperatures in the low 80's and holiday-decorated all-inclusive resorts. Maskanoo, an annual street festival with amazing food and music is held on December 26th, right before the partying up or winding down on New Years Eve. Take your pick, you’ve got plenty of options at this beachy destination.

Costa Rica
Another beachy vacation is Costa Rica, known for its beautiful scenery and its abundant activity list. From hiking the local volcanoes to surfing, you'll never be bored when visiting this country. With some of the greatest tasting foods in the world, you could try new dishes and delicacies, or simply indulge in best chocolate and coffee found in the world. Learn about tropical plants and animals on a rainforest tour –about 25% of Costa Rica is made up of rainforests, and the country is full of – you guessed it – sloths!

San Diego, California
San Diego is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and near the Mexico border. Because of its unique location, it’s full of culture, diversity, and you can find some of the best Mexican cuisine there! The city has hands-down probably the best weather in all of California, making it a great place to take a trip year-round. The San Diego Zoo, one of the best in the United States, is perfect for a date night or a trip with the kids. And most importantly, the wine. The wine is simply divine.

Have you ever taken a last-minute trip during the holidays? How did your travel plans turn out? Did you love it, or hate it? Would you do it again? We want to know! Tag us (@CamilleRoseNaturals) in your holiday travel pics on Instagram and Facebook, both recent and throwback, and tell us how you made it happen!

Image: Tara Urva 

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