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#BareYourBeautiful: Loving the Skin You’re In

We’ve all heard the phrase, “nobody’s perfect”, and it still holds true. With mainstream media, Photoshop editing, and the idea that “one size fits all” constantly circulating, we’re ecstatic to launch our skincare line, FACE, that is here to defy what society is telling us we should be!

In our newest FACE skincare collection, we’ve harnessed the gift of Mother Nature’s garden with our 5-steps to reveal your natural glow. In our beauty kitchen, our experts allow key natural ingredients to work together to enhance your skin organically. We understand that each Rosette is distinctively beautiful just like each ingredient in our collection and we are proud to create a garden-inspired skincare recipe that help you show the world who you really are confidently, boldly, beautifully.

This simple day- or night-routine will keep your skin fresh, your face glowing, and your beauty shining through!

Step 1: Seedless Skin - De-clog Those Pores - Pore-Perfecting Facial Exfoliator

Activated Charcoal naturally draws external impurities, such as toxins, dirt and more to the surface while soothing jojoba beads massage your face, delivering natural oils back into skin’s outer layer. Skin is left soft, supple and more receptive to moisture treatments.

Step 2: Fresh Tone -Liquid Makeup Remover + Toner - Freshen and cleanse your skin’s surface

After a long day of work or a night out, this is the first step to #BareYourBeautiful! Our Fresh Tone Liquid Makeup Remover + Toner is meant to gently remove any makeup or residue on your face prior to cleansing. The Jojoba oil and tea extract helps to clear your skin of any harsh products while replenishing your skin’s natural oils. Simply use a cotton ball or your hand to freshen and tone your face, using water to wash the product off.

Step 3: Youth Burst - Anti-Aging Nighttime Elixir is a Must when you’re preparing for bed

The Youth Burst Anti-Aging Nighttime Elixir is necessary to slow the process of your skin’s noticeable aging. It contains Ceramide-3 and Baikal Skullcap, which will add a moisturized glow to your skin and slow any signs of aging. 3-5 droplets of this elixir pressed gently into your skin will do the trick!

Step 4: Eye Blossom - Under Eye Repair Gel - Say, “Goodbye” to Dark, Puffy Eyes

After cleansing and toning, apply a pea-size amount of Eye Blossom Under-Eye Repair Gel into fingertips. Blot under eyes and around delicate creases in the morning and evening to minimize the look of dark circles, puffiness and tired-looking eyes for a more youthful awakening.

Step 5: Light Affect - Daily Brightening Moisture Dew, so Moisturize, Hydrate, and Mind Your Business

Just kidding – but the Light Affect Daily Brightening Moisture Dew will seal your FACE deal. It can be used at any time of day and is the final step in our recommended routine. The White Peony and Super Fruit Butter will seep into your skin, leaving it supple, sweet, and infused with lots of moisture! Gently apply it over your entire face and neck until completely seeped into your skin.

Bonus Step: Flora Detox – Get Clear and Smooth Complexion When You Add Purifying Clay Moisture Max 

Detoxify your skin with nature’s remedy in Flora Detox, a purifying clay moisture mask packed with vitamins and recharging minerals. Volcanic Ash Clay gently rids skin of impurities while garden fresh barley hydrates and brightens skin tone. Skin is left purified with a light coat of moisture.

In celebration of our newest FACE launch exclusively on, Camille Rose is joining our Rosette family in the quest to the show the unfiltered beauty in every diverse complexion with our #BareYourBeautiful campaign. Together we are redefining traditional beauty standards remembering beauty is self-love, kindness, courage, integrity, giving, compassion, and more.

We invite you to join the conversation with us and tell us all the ways you Bare Your Beautiful. #BareYourBeautiful.

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