Honey "Leave-in Collection"
Honey "Leave-in Collection"
Honey "Leave-in Collection"
Honey "Leave-in Collection"
Honey "Leave-in Collection"
Honey "Leave-in Collection"
Honey "Leave-in Collection"

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Unmatched Shine

Superb Slip

Hydrated Definition

Create a soft, lustrous finish with emollient honey and antioxidant olive oil—all you have to do is apply and “Leave-In.”

Reduce friction, moisturize, and easily detangle curly hair or any hair type—not even the dreaded knot can withstand Honey Leave-In Conditioner’s next-level slippage.

Enjoy enhanced definition alongside your healthy, moisturized shine—Honey Leave-In Conditioner does double duty as a low-stress styling product for damaged hair.

We have answers!


Questions? Don’t worry, Honey, we’ve got you! Get all the details on Honey Hydrate and the rest of the “Leave-In Collection” hair care line with these frequently asked questions (and answers).

Is Honey Hydrate good for a low-porosity hair type?

Every product in our “Leave-In Collection” is great for low-porosity hair, including Honey Hydrate. We also have a rosemary leave-in conditioner that helps achieve complete moisture and maximum softness.

Can Honey Hydrate be used on all hair types?

Yes, all the products in our “Leave-In Collection” can be used on all hair types. They’re particularly well-suited to moisturizing, softening, and detangling curly hair types and coily hair. Those with 2C-4C or mixed-texture hair will see the most benefit. Honey Hydrate can be equally beneficial to low-porosity, medium-porosity, and high-porosity hair, too.

How do you use Honey Hydrate?

Using Honey Hydrate is simple. Just apply to damp hair with your fingers, ensuring that every damaged hair strand gets the chance to soak up some goodness. You can also go in with a hair styling mousse to add definition to your gorgeous curls.

Will Honey Hydrate leave residue in my hair?

Nope! We’ve concocted a thoroughly researched mix of honey, clean extracts, and oils that soften and moisturize hair without leaving irritating, icky build-up behind. Honey Hydrate will integrate seamlessly into your existing hair care routine, so you can apply, “Leave-In,” and get back to business without skipping a beat.

Is there really honey in it?

Yes there is—Honey Hydrate contains real, pure honey, olive oil, aloe juice, orange, lemon, sugar maple, and black tea, too for healthy hair growth!