Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control
Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control
Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control

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Finessed Finish

Clean Ingredients

Strengthening Shine

Achieve a completely polished look with perfectly placed edges—our Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control gel will keep every hair exactly where you want it without causing crunchy, irritating build-up.

Lay your edges with a soft, sleek finish without relying on harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health—our formula is clean, conscious, and plant-based.

Fortify your hair follicles and hairline, strengthen your strands, and soothe your scalp with anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich black castor oil and chebe powder.

We have answers!


At Camille Rose, we’re devoted to supplying our customers with top-quality hair care and personal care products for all hair types, and all the information you may need to make the most of them. We put together this mini-FAQ dedicated to our Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control gel to do just that.

How do I use Camille Rose Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control gel?

First, section out the baby hairs along your hairline (we find that using the end of a rat tail comb works best for this). Work a small amount of gel for edge control into your baby hairs with your fingertips, and then use a soft-bristle brush to lay them against your skin.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and promote healthy hair growth! You can create stunning, long-lasting swirls, swoops, and squiggles that add poise and personality to any style.

Does Camille Rose Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control gel contain parabens?

Definitely not—Camille Rose products are always gentle and safe. We only use formulas that are plant-based, and healthy for all hair types. In fact, our founder and CEO Janell Stephens started Camille Rose because she noticed a lack of conscious hair care and personal careproducts on the market.

Can I use Black Castor Oil + Chebe Edge Control with other Camille Rose products?

Please do! Our products are built to support each other. Achieve your ideal style with a Camille Rose beauty routine that’s totally unique to you. Shop related products like the chebe deep conditioner and pure castor oil for hair strength. Massaging these effective ingredients can nourish your hair to promote healthy hair growth and provide an intensive conditioning treatment.