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Crushed Cocoa Chips

Lavish skin in the richness of sweet chocolate

Premium Cocoa Botanical

Nourish hair for a healthy and resilient shine

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Our Cocoa Mélange Deep Conditioner takes hair on a paradise of nutrient-rich chocolate decadence. Soften and indulge tresses in a sweet aromatic blend of premium cocoa botanical, coconut water and citrus to nourish hair for a healthy and resilient shine.

Lavish skin in the richness of sweet chocolate with our velvety Cocoa Mélange Face Mask. Infused with exotic aloe leaf juice, our facial mask is crafted to deeply penetrate the skin to remove impurities, revealing an even-tone and buttery soft complexion.

"Wrap your skin in the scrumptious, aromatic blend of our Cocoa Mélange Body Oil. Rich in antioxidants, with fragrant Rose hip oil and Vitamin E, our gourmet blend will entice your senses while leaving skin creamy soft with a hydrated glow.

Immerse yourself in a soufflé of rich creaminess with our Cocoa Mélange Body Wash. Dive deep into our luscious + chocolaty gourmet bath blend formulated with vitamin E and Rosehip Seed Oil to provide nourishing emollients and leave a noticeably soft texture.

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