Lavender Fresh Cleanse
Lavender Fresh Cleanse
Lavender Fresh Cleanse

Why you'll love it

Clarify and Strengthen

Soothe and Nourish

Condition and Detangle

Antimicrobial and antioxidant-rich arnica works together with apple cider and black elderberry to gently cleanse and fortify hair for superior resilience.

Apple cider, mallow flower, cucumber, and pellitory extracts soothe the scalp, nourish thirsty strands, and help balance pH levels, too.

Give your conditioner a boost with softening, emollient ivy to kick off the detangling process during your wash.

We have answers!


Camille Rose natural hair care products are clean and simple—you can count on our gentle, plant-based ingredients, conscious formulas, and up-front information every time. Get to know our Lavender Fresh Cleanser a bit better with this dedicated FAQ.

Can I use Lavender Fresh Cleanse alongside other products?

Yes! In fact, we recommend using our Lavender Fresh Cleanse alongside a Camille Rose conditioner (like our Whipped Cream Leave-In) to experience maximum softness, texture, shine, and healthy hair growth. 

When you shop with Camille Rose, you can create a completely custom hair care routine without ever having to worry about hazardous product interactions from harsh chemical ingredients. Mix, match, and experiment until you find the perfect combination for your unique needs.

Will Lavender Fresh Cleanse work for my unique hair type?

Yes. Though we formulated our Lavender Fresh Cleanse specifically for curly and coily hair (which is more sensitive to breakage and damage during the wash process), its gentle, effective ingredients will work well for any hair type. 

If you’re looking for a cleanser that hydrates and nourishes hair as it cleans, Camille Rose Lavender Fresh Cleanse is a must-have—for all hair types.

Is Lavender Fresh Cleanser safe for sensitive, damaged, and/or color-treated hair?

Our Lavender Fresh Cleanser is intentionally gentle and completely safe for color-treated, dry, and damaged hair. It’s a great choice for folks whose hair could use a little extra nourishment and care.

While Camille Rose ingredients are plant-based and conscious, individuals with allergies and sensitivities should always perform a patch test before incorporating a new product into their self-care routine.