Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner
Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner
Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner

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Restore Lost Strength

Achieve Shiny Slip

Achieve Shiny Slip

Ucuuba butter fights damage-causing free radicals and reduces breakage on damaged hair with powerful fatty acids

Ghee butter, cupuacu fruit butter, and aloe vera juice make for the ultimate hydration dream team, penetrating deep into hair strands to deliver enduring moisture.

Detangle hair in seconds with deep conditioning and actually enjoy styling your natural hair again—our intentional blend of botanical oils and butters will leave hair soft, shiny, and delightfully slippery.

We have answers!


The journey to healthy hair comes with a lot of questions—we’re here to provide the answers you need. Learn more about Camille Rose Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner with this short, informative FAQ.

Can I use Camille Rose Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner on my unique hair type, texture, or porosity?

Yes—our Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner is made to impart long-lasting moisture on all hair types, textures, and porosities. Anyone suffering from dryness, itchiness, frizziness, breakage, and/or split ends may see even greater benefits from this product’s deep condition abilities. Plus, it’s perfect for keeping hair shiny, soft, and hydrated on an ongoing basis.

Is it safe to combine Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner with other products?

Absolutely. You can confidently combine any Camille Rose products into a hair care routine that’s catered to your unique needs. Why? Because we only use safe, gentle, consciously-chosen ingredients—you’ll never need to worry about phthalates, parabens, or sulfates when you shop with Camille Rose.

Is Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner a good choice for dyed, chemically treated, damaged, or sensitive hair?

Gentle, safe botanical ingredients make this the best deep conditioner and a great choice for all kinds of damaged, thirsty hair. If you have specific allergies or sensitivities, always perform a patch test before incorporating a product into your beauty routine.