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Ajani Strength + Shine Balm

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An intense moisturizing and growth-stimulating balm, hand blended with hydrating butters and oils.
“ Your inner beauty will always shine brighter, but there’s no harm in trying to even the scales between that and your strands.”
Love, Camille


Grow beautifully with Ajani Strength + Shine Balm. A trifold chocolatey butter conditioner, enriched with potent biotin vitamins and castor seed oils, crafted to promote and accelerate healthy hair balance.

Gourmet Ingredients


Biotin promotes accelerated hair growth and retention through potent B vitamins.


Castor Seed Oil nurtures tresses through its richness in essential fatty acids.

Full Ingredient List

Ingredients: Cocoa wafers, rice bran oil, virgin palm kernel, babassu oil, murumuru butter, candulla, honey, castor jelly, biotin, castor oil, silky btms, ceteryl blend, natural scent and LOVE!

How To Use

Scoop a dollop of this rich balm into hands and warm together, applying to the ends of hair to seal in moisture. For accelerated hair growth benefits, massage in circular motions onto the scalp for 10-15 seconds.

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