Ajani Strength + Shine Balm
Ajani Strength + Shine Balm
Ajani Strength + Shine Balm

Why you'll love it

Length and Strength

Luster and Shine

Volume and Vitality

Grow healthy-looking hair longer and stronger than ever before with the help of beneficial B vitamins, including potently powerful biotin.

Enjoy shiny, silky texture—murumuru butter and castor seed oil bring deep conditioning power to our Ajani Growth & Shine Balm

Reduce breakage and improve overall hair health—the fatty acids in castor seed oil lend fullness and longevity to locks.

We have answers!


The endless scrolling stops here—Camille Rose has all the solutions you need to improve hair health and strength, reduce breakage, and encourage sustained growth. Learn more with this mini-FAQ about our Ajani Growth & Shine Balm.

How does Ajani Growth & Shine Balm encourage growth and build hair health?

Our gentle, conscious formula for Ajani Growth & Shine Balm contains a number of beneficial ingredients that support hair growth and health:

  • Biotin is an essential building block for hair proteins like keratin. It also supports cell turnover and healthy follicles, leading to longer, stronger hair.
  • Murumuru butter, rice bran oil, and babassu oil provide deep, potent hydration through their high fatty acid content.
  • Emollient and humectant honey attracts and maintains moisture balance and conditions damaged dry hair for fantastic shine and softness.

Will Ajani Growth & Shine Balm work on my unique hair type/texture?

Yes! We formulated our Ajani Growth & Shine Balm to work across hair types, so all of our customers can enjoy longer, more resilient hair. Use the hair balm however it suits you best—work it into your strands to soothe split ends or massage it directly into your scalp to promote fast, healthy hair growth.

Does Ajani Growth & Shine Balm contain any potentially harmful chemical ingredients?

Definitely not—all Camille Rose products are carefully designed to be clean, conscious, and worry-free. You’ll never find harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates in any of our products.