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Tamanu  Cleansing Bar "Camille's Garden"

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Tamanu Cleansing Bar "Camille's Garden"

$ 7.00
Facial treatment to BALANCE your skin
“ Your inner beauty will always shine brighter, but there’s no harm in trying to even the scales between that and your strands.”
Love, Camille


Our Tamanu Cleansing Bar has a rich lather and rinses off easily without stripping or drying the skin. It helps to expedite the healing of scars, acne pimples, and black heads. To help with blood circulation and strengthen the hair follicle, the Tamanu Cleansing Bar can be used on the scalp as well as be used for light exfoliation toward glowing skin. Containing anti-inflammatory properties, Tamanu helps to soothe swelling and redness due to acne and breakouts. Our Tamanu Cleansing Bar is gentle enough for sensitive skin and made with love.

How to Apply:

Use with warm water then rinse. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.


Coconut oil, Tamanu oil, tea tree oil, seaweed powder, beeswax. MADE WITH LOVE!


2 oz

Customer Reviews

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My teenage daughter loves this soap! When we can’t find it the store she quickly asks me to please order it for her. It keeps her face looking healthly and flawless.

Very nice bar

Always saw this soap and wanted to try it, got it at curlfest this weekend for $5 and it was the best bargain. This soap has my skin feeling very soft and the smell is mild and cool. I luv it

Great buy

Use a bar soap for body, very good lather and non drying

Honest Review

So I was soooo excited to purchase this cleansing bar. I literally drove across town to purchase because the Target in my bourgeois neighborhood didn't have any... Anyway I love it... The smell everything... I have sensitive skin so I was nervous about cleansing my face with it. Cleaned my face no issues. Skin felt amazing. Here is where things get interesting... by interesting I mean hilarious... So remember I have sensitive skin... Well my Yoni is VERY sensitive so I don't use any soaps down there. I'm very conscious about my PH... So anyway me and babe had a date so I finished washing my body with the cleansing bar being sure to skip my Yoni... For some strange reason I decided to take the towel between my rear cheeks with soap still on it... I must have gone too far forward because Yoni was a little iritated... So I finsh getting dressed go to my date... Afterwards while enjoying "dessert" Mister says why does your butt smell... I say whaaaat my butt doesn't smell... He smells and says "it's your Yoni... I thought it was your butt because your Yoni NEVER has a smell..." Luckily we have been together long enough that we can laugh and joke about it...but ladies this soap is wonderful I love the way my face feels and even the rest of my body but this is NOT I repeat Not for your Yoni...

Miracle Bar

I have been using this bar for the past 3 months and I must say that the appearance of my blemishes have decreased. I suffer from mild acne and black heads and I use this bar during my evening regimen and the Tumeric Bar in the morning and both bars has helped my skin. Using witch hazel as my toner and tea tree as my moisturizer.