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The Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System

The Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System

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An uplifting herbal hair collection crafted to promote healthy hair growth and length retention. 

Enjoy the rejuvenating powers of lavender oil, which promotes hair growth, heals scalp issues and tames frizz. Every product in the Lavender Collection is infused with healing plant extracts such as chamomile and mallow extract, along with silkening butters and oils to nourish and quench dry hair. Real lavender oil promotes healthy hair growth and length retention in this uplifting herbal growth system. 



Achieve healthy hair growth, moisture, and length retention with the Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System. 

Gourmet Ingredients:

Lavender Oil promotes healthy hair growth and length retention.


Use entire Herbal Infusion Growth System to cleanse, condition, moisturize, define, and revitalize strands. 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Products!

I really like everything in the collection! Let me go through each one. 1)The shampoo makes my hair feel really soft. 2)While the deep conditioner doesn't have that much slip, it leaves my hair feeling really soft. Once I get the tangles out, my hair feels like silk. 3)The leave in might be my favorite thing. It's a great moisturizer, helps my hair clump together and works on both wet and dry hair. 4)The spritzer is good, I don't put too much on it to avoid tackiness, but overall, a nice smelling refresher. 5)The gel is thicker than the Curl Maker and in my opinion, better. My hair is hard on Day 1 but softens up by the next day. I notice I still do get frizz after a couple days but that's typical for my hair. 6)The edge control does not leave my 3c/4a hair feeling hard, its rather shiny and soft. It also doesn't leave any residue. I let me friend with 4c hair try it and she loved it.
Finally, I would like to mention that it took 2 weeks to receive the product. It would have been nice if CRN had given us all a heads up that there would be a long wait BEFORE we ordered. I also wish there would have been better communication throughout the whole process on when to expect shipment. Seems like CRN was a bit overwhelmed with the buzz/excitement/sales volume. Anyway, thanks for great products!

LOVE!!!!!! Must buy!

I LOVE this new collection. I am soooo glad I purchased when it was released before it sold out. The shampoo suds up nicely, all of the products smell delightful!! The deep conditioner is a true treat. It gives a tingling sensation and feels so good on the scalp. I’ve been a customer of CRN and love the other products, didnt think it could get any better but this collection out does itself!! LOVE!!

Simone Brewington

Cool product

Ariel Cruz

The Lavender Collection: Herbal Infusion Growth System

Briana Johnson
Moms gift!!

I surprised her with it because she loves the line!! And she was thrilled!!