Camille Rose Approved Black-Owned Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Camille Rose Approved Black-Owned Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

November is right around the corner and we all know what that means - the holiday season is almost upon us! And, if you’re going to spend your money, why not shop Black. Whether you’re gearing up for Black Friday or want to simply get holiday gifts out the way sooner than later, we’ve curated our top recommendations that your loved ones will appreciate. From Grace Expressions creative and handmade stationery collections for the organizers in your life to the inclusive makeup foundations available from Range Beauty, we’ve found unforgettable gifts for everyone.

By Grace Expressions 
When it comes to giving a gift that is thoughtful and personal, nothing beats the written word. By Grace Expressions, created by Olivia K. Michel is stationary designed with love that keeps humans and their most precious moments at the forefront.

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday like Christmas or an occasion such as a wedding, By Grace has got you covered with cards that radiate tenderness and warmth.

La Fête du Rosé 
La Fête du Rosé was created with inclusivity and diversity in mind. The one-of-a-kind wine was created because there "wasn't a rosé brand that spoke to diverse audiences. When you thought about rosé, you didn't think of Black, Brown, or Asian people drinking it, or, at the time, see brands promoting multicultural people or Men drinking their wine. It was not reflective of the universal appeal of rosé,” CEO Donae Burston explains.

And what an appeal it truly is. La Fête du Rosé is created in one of the oldest vineyards in St. Tropez and boasts notes of fruit, bonbon, and hazelnut with a gentle cherry finish that any wine drinker will adore.

Celebs like Beyonce, Tinashe, Dua Lipa, and Zoe Kravitz have turned heads from coast to coast sporting Telfar Clemmons’ signature designer bags. It’s no wonder - Telfars have gained notoriety for their style, function, and durability since their initial introduction amongst trendsetters and creatives in New York City.

Nicknamed the “Bushwick Birkin”, a Telfar bag tells the world that you know fashion, you’re culturally aware, but you’re no snob. Snatch one up for yourself and a friend.

Range Beauty 
Less toxicity, focus on the real. That’s Range Beauty’s mission and it definitely shows. Created by Alicia Scott, after noticing the lack of diversity in foundations, the multicultural beauty line exists to uplift people of all skin tones and shades. Encouraging people to let their true beauty shine through - something the cosmetics industry has needed more of for a long time coming - is what Range Beauty is all about. Grab a gift card or some of Range’s signature True Intentions foundation if you know their shade. Want to try out Range for yourself? Pick up a sample kit and find your range.

Pink MahogHany 
Fragrance sets a mood, can make the ambiance of a day. This is what inspired Texas-based Pink MahogHany founder Chavalia Dunlap-Mwamba to create her signature niche fragrances that are growing in popularity by the day.

Pink MahogHany offers phthalate-free fragrances for women, men, and even gender-neutral fragrances. Thus far, the most celebrated is Pas Encore Nommé, an enchanting dance of vanilla and pineapple that suits all styles.

What are your favorite black-owned brands, Rosettes?


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